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Perfect First Guitar Loop: 7 Tips How to Record

In this video, we dive into the main challenge of nailing that first loop and share seven valuable tips to help you record your guitar loops flawlessly. Whether you're a beginner or a pro guitarist, this video offers valuable insights and techniques to take your guitar looping skills to the next level.

Anti Loop Pedal Guy's Guide – how NOT to be a typical loop pedal guy

Recently, a funny video titled "Loop Pedal Guy" went viral on Instagram. In this video, the author humorously lists several complaints about musicians who use loopers on stage. I've made a video where I explain and demonstrate how to avoid these mistakes (by using Loopy Pro app).

From Built-in Mic to Pro Sound: Unleashing the Full Potential of Loopy Pro

For my taste, the iPhone built-in microphone is great! But what if I say that Loopy Pro has professional options for audio that allows you to connect multiple devices, for example audio interface or MIDI-keyboard or floor MIDI controller or all of that? Perfect for the live performance!

Pedals, knobs, and buttons for Loopy Pro – do you need a MIDI controller?

In this video, we are going to dive into a world of Loopy Pro and we'll explore knobs, buttons, pedals you can use to take your looping game to the next level. We will figure out if you need any midi-controller, because I will show you some touchless live-looping magic!

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