How to choose equipment for Loopy Pro

This article is about what additional equipment for Loopy Pro (audio interfaces and MIDI controllers) I use myself, my thoughts on this, pros and cons, and what I haven't used yet, but I can recommend.

Audio interface + MIDI controller (2 in 1)

So, we need an audio card (aka an audio interface) and a floor-mounted MIDI controller (pedals to send commands to your I-device). I'll start with the trumps. There are devices that combine both of these functions. I must say right away that I personally have not used these devices. This is just what I found online.

  • XSonic XTone Pro Interface

    This is their biggest interface from the line. There are just two inputs.

    The most important disadvantage of the entire line is that the midi command is sent only when you let go of the button (and not press). For recording loops, this is very strange.

    I wouldn't consider it for myself.

  • MeloAudio Tone Shifter Mega / Harley Benton MP500

    Very similar devices. Both have two incoming channels. Both have been out for a very long time.

  • iRig Stomp I/O

    A more expensive device. There's even an expression pedal right there.

  • Hotone Ampero II Stomp

    An effects processor that combines the capabilities of a MIDI controller and an audio card. A worthy competitor of the Line 6 HX Stomp, which I use.

I remind you that you don't have to look for such a device. You can separately choose an audio card for yourself, and a separate outdoor midi controller.

Audio cards

It is difficult to suggest something specific, since the choice is very wide. Today, almost any modern video card works with iPhone/iPad (this characteristic is often referred to as class-compliant).

For example, I connected a fairly standard Zoom UAC2 and everything worked fine. But the audio card required a standard power supply from an outlet, since it lacked the electricity of my iPad 9.

Floor MIDI controllers

Please note that there are controllers that work over the air.

My experience was not very good, but I did not use all of them. For example, they praise Boss – they say there is a super protocol and there is no lag. Well, I don't know 🙂

What I used

  • Line 6 HX Stomp

    I use HX Stomp for my kit only because I already have it. Buying it from scratch, it seems to me, may be unjustified.

    After all, in such a scenario, which I talk about in my videos, its effects are not used. That is, it works for me simply as a sound card for two channels + a midi controller. You can buy them separately and it will be much cheaper.

    However, you can also use it to the fullest. And all the effects of the manufacturer, both as an audio interface and as a sound card for Loopy Pro. There are also effects in Loopy Pro itself 😄

    But, if we go into this price category, then we can immediately recommend the majority of modern effects processors in general. Just look at the number of input channels (if you have more than one sensor).

  • Morningstar MC8

    I recommend it one hundred percent. Not necessarily MC8 – they have smaller models. But these are professional devices, coolly assembled, flexibly configured, a bunch of ports and excellent support.

  • M-VAVE Chocolate

    My conclusions:

    + compact and very inexpensive; there is a built-in battery (convenient)

    + connects via USB-C; in this mode it works perfectly without lags

    + connected by air

    - it works with micro-lags by air, but it's not cool for recording loops; for switching effects – ok

    - the buttons are very tight, and the sound from pressing them is very loud – my microphone inside the guitar catches it very well


    If you want physical buttons and twirlers, then I recommend this desktop controller. As simple as possible. Powered by USB.

I haven't used it, but consider it

Why is Loopy Pro the best looper for guitar players

You may think 'ok, it's app, it's not serious enough'. But let me show what Loopy Pro is capable of, because I believe that Loopy Pro is perfect not only for pro musicians but for looping beginners too. Let me show you why!

From Built-in Mic to Pro Sound: Unleashing the Full Potential of Loopy Pro

For my taste, the iPhone built-in microphone is great! But what if I say that Loopy Pro has professional options for audio that allows you to connect multiple devices, for example audio interface or MIDI-keyboard or floor MIDI controller or all of that? Perfect for the live performance!

Pedals, knobs, and buttons for Loopy Pro – do you need a MIDI controller?

In this video we are going to dive into a world of Loopy Pro and we'll explore knobs, buttons, pedals you can use to take your looping game to the next level. We will figure out if you need any midi-controller, because I will show you some touchless live-looping magic!

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