Loopy Pro plugins useful for acoustic guitarists

In this article, I will tell you what plugins I use in Loopy Pro and what I can recommend for acoustic guitarists.


  • Eos 2 is a high-quality, but simple reverb. Makes moderate space.

  • TB Reverb is another reverb, but this one is as powerful as possible. There is a built-in shimmer, different algorithms. Graphic EQ. Very practical. I use it as the main one.

  • Rack Reverb free – free simple reverb.

  • Phonolyth Cascade – one more perfect reverb.


  • K7D – analog delay with many settings and features. Experimental stuff, nice to twist, but easy to slide into chaos.

  • Bleass Delay – classic delay. There is a cut of frequencies and ping pong.

  • Analog Delay free – free and simple delay.


  • Koala FX is a cool DJing tool. These are several effects, including filters, compressor, delay, reverb, etc. Great for working with already recorded loops.

  • ToneStack PRO – all in one for electric guitar. I haven't figured out how to use it with acoustics yet, but it's more convenient for electrics - as a processor.

  • Eventide QVOX – octaver effect. Even 4 octaves at once. I use Boss OC-3 for emulation.

  • RRS Bass Enhancer – tightens the bass. I use it in conjunction with the octaver.

  • Bleass Granulizer is a granulator for creating space. Experimentally!

  • Standard plugins! Feel free to throw in the built-in plugins. For example, you can creatively use the equalizer. Or throw a stock compressor on the outlet channel.

Free plugins

If you want to add new instruments to your music (you could press keys on the screen or connect a midi keyboard), then these plugins can be useful:

A useful plugin if you're trying to sync your MIDI controller with Loopy Pro. It keeps track of all incoming and outgoing midi commands.

Why is Loopy Pro the best looper for guitar players

You may think 'ok, it's app, it's not serious enough'. But let me show what Loopy Pro is capable of, because I believe that Loopy Pro is perfect not only for pro musicians but for looping beginners too. Let me show you why!

From Built-in Mic to Pro Sound: Unleashing the Full Potential of Loopy Pro

For my taste, the iPhone built-in microphone is great! But what if I say that Loopy Pro has professional options for audio that allows you to connect multiple devices, for example audio interface or MIDI-keyboard or floor MIDI controller or all of that? Perfect for the live performance!

Pedals, knobs, and buttons for Loopy Pro – do you need a MIDI controller?

In this video we are going to dive into a world of Loopy Pro and we'll explore knobs, buttons, pedals you can use to take your looping game to the next level. We will figure out if you need any midi-controller, because I will show you some touchless live-looping magic!

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