Loopy Boss OC Instruction

Hey! There is a template file for Loopy Pro.

It’s pretty basic. It has just a couple loops and widgets for the bass channel I mentioned in the YouTube video.
You can download it and use.

However, if you’d like to import that channel and control widgets to your current Loopy Pro project, it can take a bit more.

Option 1

Just install every plugin and tweak all the settings manually. Here are my settings:

Stock EQ

RRS Bass Enchaser (optional)

Settings are highly individual

Install application: https://apps.apple.com/ru/app/bass-enhancer/id1508482793

Wider (optional)

It’s a one-knob plugin

Install application: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wider-by-infected-mushroom/id1338262710

Option 2

Copy and paste widgets. And save preset for each plugin. Then apply the preset in your current project. See an extra tutorial video for that!

Link for the Loopy Pro “roadmap” feature request https://roadmap.loopypro.com/feature-requests/p/channel-strips-presets

Extra tutorial video

Quick start in Loopy Pro
for guitar players

Discover a world of musical possibilities with Loopy Pro!

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