Instruction for Ditto Pro (1.3) template

After some time since the release of the video, I made some changes and improvements to my template. Therefore, it may differ slightly from what you saw in the video.

What did I do?

  • Added two different Stop buttons for each track. The regular button turns off the loop instantly, while Stop (Q) turns off the loop only when it finishes playing.

  • Added Undo 1 and Undo 2 buttons. Each button only cancels the last overdub on the corresponding track.

  • Added a Reset FX button. And linked this action to a double press on pedal #4.

  • Optimized how MIDI commands are linked to actions a bit.

HX Stomp

As I mentioned in my video, you can use Loopy Pro with any MIDI controller. In the video itself, I used Line 6 HX Stomp for this.

You can download my HX Stomp preset, where I have already assigned the necessary MIDI commands to the pedals. You can load it onto Stomp through the official HX Edit program

Morningstar MC8

In addition, I have a Morningstar MC8. I used it with this template in another video

Here, I assigned the bottom row of buttons exactly as in the TC Electronics Ditto X4.

And I assigned the top row to bonus functions.

You can also download this template (bank) for Morningstar here.

You can add the bank to your controller in the editor

Feel free to ask any questions:

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